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Use TeamHaven on a cost-per-activity basis to manage mobile workers, record important information and increase efficiency. Create projects online and dispatch jobs to mobile workers within minutes with no technical training required.

Dispatch jobs, manage staff and collect information

Reduce paperwork and increase productivity, job compliance and profitability by creating projects online and assigning them to field workers via the TeamHaven Mobile app. Your mobile teams use the intuitive app to get directions, find out what they need to do and record information, photos and signatures. TeamHaven Mobile works everywhere, even in locations without internet access.

Organise full-time and part-time workers in the same place and see each job’s completion status. Assign and re-assign jobs to staff based on their location/skills/experience and schedule when you want them to be completed.

We understand that managing teams takes a lot of work, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to create projects yourself within minutes and edit them in seconds. Project Managers also have an array of useful tools at their fingertips, which allow them to keep track of staff, monitor KPIs, estimate travel expenses and calculate payroll.

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Empower, manage and oversee field teams.
Brief teams and collect information from the field.
Find actionable data using intuitive, powerful reports.
We suggest and set up a solution to fit your objectives.

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