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Case Study - Mitchell Stephenson

Mitchell Stephenson is an independent field marketing company established over 20 years ago, providing a wide spectrum of services to brands across multiple industries and sectors.

Their services include merchandising, auditing, sampling, demonstrations, sales and distribution drives, roadshows, events, mystery shopping along with warehousing and logistics.

Company Type: Field sales and marketing agency

Countries using Teamhaven: UK

Customer Since: 2011

We work with a whole array of clients and brands. We needed to provide our clients with real-time results, integrate into their operating systems, provide photos and ensure accountability of our field teams.

TeamHaven worked closely with us to set up our bespoke reporting portal to match both our and our clients’ needs. A very efficient and cost-effective system.

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- Sasha Johnston, Sales Director, Mitchell Stephenson

The Challenge

  • To be able to update and modify reports and questionnaires with multiple products, brands and locations with no technical programming.
  • To run bespoke reports and audits for each individual client, meeting their needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Integrate the reporting system into their clients’ ordering systems for stock management.
  • Improve how quickly Mitchell Stephenson was able to create and find actionable data in reports.

The TeamHaven Solution

  • Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, TeamHaven placed the correct product questions in each retailer and location.
  • Mitchell Stephenson’s Project Managers were able to set up and make changes to projects within TeamHaven without any technical support or start-up fees.
  • TeamHaven used data collected to send automatic daily or weekly emails to Mitchell Stephenson’s clients detailing which stock is required and where.
  • Stock order emails were formatted so the information could be integrated easily with Mitchell Stephenson’s clients’ stock management systems.
  • TeamHaven created in-depth reports that allowed Mitchell Stephenson to group and filter data by product, retailer, retail type and display type.

The Result

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Greatly reduced the time it took to create, modify, update and assign products’ questions based on their location.
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Kept Mitchell Stephenson’s costs low as Project Managers were able to set up and edit projects.
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Being able to filter and group data made it easier for Mitchell Stephenson to identify and provide clients with a more detailed, in-depth analysis and insight into campaigns.
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Increased efficiency and enabled Mitchell Stephenson to take on more clients with large product ranges.
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Created actionable data and increased Mitchell Stephenson’s clients’ sales by collecting stock data and automatically sending clients restock reports.

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