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Case Study - JET Services

JET Services is one of the largest consumer electronic specialised agencies in the D-A-CH region and part of the pan-European field marketing alliance, FACEtoFACE.

TeamHaven is used by JET Services to manage and execute sales demonstration days, merchandising, auditing, sales negotiations and rack jobbing.

Company Type: Field marketing agency

Countries using Teamhaven: Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Customer Since: 2007

We’ve been working with TeamHaven since 2007 and they recently helped us win one of the largest experiential contracts in Europe. Proactively managing field teams instead of responding to issues has completely changed how we operate. Not only does it make us more efficient, but we can guarantee and demonstrate high standards to our clients.

Quickly allocated resource and ensured activities were conducted in a high-quality manner by the right people.

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- Andy Kuka, Director New Business, JET Services

The Challenge

  • Assign jobs to the best-qualified promoters.
  • Win new business.
  • Guarantee clients that campaigns are properly executed and provide proof of performance.
  • Collect feedback from field activities and plan rounds of visits.
  • Reduce costs associated with managing promoters and field staff.
  • Oversee outsourced campaigns.
  • Manage campaigns across countries in one place.

The TeamHaven Solution

  • TeamHaven recorded field staff skills and experience levels, which JET Services then used to filter promoters and assign tasks to the most capable team members.
  • JET Services were able to set up example projects and demonstrate how they manage campaigns and field staff during pitches.
  • Projects were set up and edited in TeamHaven within minutes. Excel spreadsheets were used to make large-scale changes quickly.
  • TeamHaven enforced quality assurance settings, which meant field staff could only start activities in the right conditions.
  • Project Managers received automatic alerts if field staff arrived late, left early, took too long, were at the wrong location and many more.
  • Partner agencies and JET Service’s country managers could only see the campaign information relevant to them.

The Result

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Quickly allocated resource and ensured activities were conducted in a high-quality manner by the right people.
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Won one of the largest experiential tenders in Europe with help of demonstrating TeamHaven.
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Reacted quickly to changing environment and client needs.
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Saved time by proactively managing and overseeing field staff instead of correcting issues.
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Guaranteed partner agencies conducted activities to set standards.
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Easier to manage and report on cross-country campaigns as all information is stored in one place.
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Seamlessly set up across different countries and customers.

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