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Case Study - Taskforce

The Taskforce Group is a field marketing and POS installation agency with over 75 years’ combined retail experience.

Taskforce use TeamHaven to manage merchandising and compliance activities primarily in homeware and hardware stores.

Company Type: Field marketing agency

Countries using Teamhaven: UK

Customer Since: 2017


In less than a year, TeamHaven has completely turned our business around.

We’ve saved around 38 hours managing each campaign and now have the capacity to take on new clients.

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- Emma Barlet, Office Operations Manager, Taskforce

The Challenge

  • Digitally transform the data collection method to increase efficiency and reduce the time it takes to process and analyse information from the field.
  • Increase work capacity and take on more clients.
  • Automatically calculate field team’s payroll and have the ability to include individual pay rates.
  • Create dynamic reports that can be shared with clients.

The TeamHaven Solution

  • Field staff used the TeamHaven Mobile app to capture data and images from the field using their phones and tablets. Taskforce were then able to view the collected data on the web and have it automatically compiled into their online reports and picture galleries.
  • TeamHaven’s payroll system accurately calculates the amount each field staff member should be paid based on the number of activities completed.
  • Ability to create a range of customisable interactive reports and photo galleries instantly. Reports filter and drill down through data and images providing Taskforce with in-depth insight into campaigns.
  • Taskforce’s clients were able to log into TeamHaven to view real-time client reports that Taskforce had specially tailored.

The Result

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Saved 38 hours per week manually compiling data and images from field staff.
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Saved 8 hours per month calculating field staff payroll.
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Took on more clients without increasing head count.
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Ensured data capture in the field is transferred to reports.
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Saved time creating customisable reports for clients and improved Taskforce’s insight and analysis into campaigns.

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