3 Ways Technology Can Drive Sustainable Retail Merchandising Practices

1 July 2024 | news

We all recognise the crucial need for retail merchandising and in-store display practices to become more sustainable. Many companies understand the importance of sustainability initiatives but often struggle with where to begin and how technology can help.

This blog post stems from our recent presentation at the Impact24 Sustainability Summit, hosted by POPAI UK & Ireland.

It highlights three high-impact areas and solutions that enable brands, retail marketing agencies, and display installation manufacturers to kick-start their sustainability practices and enhance products’ overall performance in-store.

TeamHaven presentation on how technology can drive sustainable retail merchandising practices

Key Areas for Improvement:

1. Wastage

Despite the hard work that goes into developing retail merchandising campaigns, the disappointing reality is that they may never make it onto the shop floor.

This not only impacts the brand’s sales and store presence but also contributes to unnecessary CO2 emissions and wasted materials.

Whether a project is small or large, having visibility into where retail merchandise goes is challenging without the right tools. Brands and their agencies need a solution to monitor and manage this effectively.

2. Damage

In-store displays often get damaged, leading to it being completely replaced.

However, with the right data, knowing the specifics of the damage can allow for targeted repairs, replacing only the affected parts instead of the entire display. This approach saves reduces waste and costs.

To adopt this method, a solution is needed that facilitates the identifying and organisation of repairs.

3. Disposal

Displays are now being created using more sustainable materials, such as reinforced cardboard. However, at the end of a display’s life cycle, the ownership of the disposal is often shouldered by retailers without the brand’s visibility or oversight. This can result in displays ending up in landfills rather than being recycled or disposed of responsibly.

A process and tool are needed to help organise the collection and correct disposal of these displays.

Adopting Sustainable Practices:

To bridge the gap between developing and implementing a sustainability strategy the right tools are essential. That is where TeamHaven comes in.

TeamHaven is a proven, cost-effective solution used in over 72 countries by brands, retail agencies, and POS installers and manufacturers to manage retail merchandising and product lifecycles. The all-in-one online portal and mobile app get teams on the same page so they can work towards the same goals. TeamHaven reduces operational headaches, helps minimise waste and boosts in-store sales by simplifying the coordination, data collection and reporting of retail merchandising campaigns.

How TeamHaven Empowers Sustainable Practices:

  1. Utilise Data to Maximise Displays’ Impact

    Data can be used not only to ensure that retail merchandising displays get onto the shop floor but to also make sure that they generate maximum impact.

    Whether using internal or external field merchandising/ installation teams, TeamHaven Mobile provides the information needed to establish if retail activities are compliant and completed on time.

    The easy-to-use TeamHaven Mobile app enables precise coordination of which stores should contain each display and facilitates the collection of data and photos from the activity.

    From this, Managers gain visibility through evidence that displays are properly set up and can achieve their full potential.

    2. Efficiently Manage Maintenance Issues:

    To support the impact of an in-store display, regular audits and maintenance are essential.

    TeamHaven streamlines the process of auditing displays by collecting the necessary information to facilitate the replacement of specific parts rather than the entire display being disposed of.

    Managers can easily identify issues via a photo gallery report and organise the repairs. The TeamHaven Mobile app provides detailed information to the installer, such as which section needs fixing, what it looks like, and any other details.

    3. Close the Disposal Loop:

    Manage the pick-up and disposal of merchandising displays to ensure they are correctly disposed of, recycled, or reused rather than ending up unnecessarily in landfills. TeamHaven records detailed information about each display’s location, appearance, and logistical notes, ensuring teams know exactly what needs to be collected where and how it should be disposed of.

    Let TeamHaven help you transform your sustainability strategy from concept to reality.

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